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The object of Texas Holdem is to make the best 5 card poker hand from the 5 community cards on the table and your own 2 cards that only you can see. The community cards are dealt out during the hand with betting rounds in between so you are betting on the likleyhood of forming a winning hand by the end of the hand when all cards are revealed.

A game consists of playing hands of cards and each hand is split into alternating rounds of revealing cards and betting on the results. The Rules are simple:

  • ...


    Increase the size of an existing bet in the same betting round.

  • ...


    You have no hand to Play!

  • ...


    Match a bet or match a raise.

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    Pass the action to the next player, but keep your cards

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Players are automatically kicked if they repeadedly fail to take their turn and the game has to auto move them or if they lose connection from the table for more than the allowed time. The lengths of time are variable as they are set by the site administrator.
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